One Thousand And One Factories

“One Thousand and One Factories” displays pictures of factories in China massively downloaded from Alibaba website. The Chinese e-commerce counts thousand of affiliated suppliers, who assure buyers regarding the quality of their wholesale production through verifications and pictures that seem to contradict the former.
What has ‘their manual job’ and ‘our computerized job’ become?
It took 8 hours to download 7000 images from Alibaba website using a software called Httrack, the quadruple to edit and display the pictures. Could we all code and take the rest of the time off? Or will the software engineers, together with manufacturers, be among the few left workers of the future?
In any case connected by the objects pervading our lives, maybe pictures could still trigger some kind of apparent empathy.

All pictures downloaded from
Code, editing, and design by Simona Bariselli.
The voice of Ava VoiceOver software is reading Karl Marx's Capital Volume One.